Benefits Of Outdoor Voice’s New Sportswear

Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear is a game changer for the activewear industry. It is a brand that has been on the back of many outdoor athletes, whether they be hardcore climbers, trail runners, or mountain bikers. The company started during the early 1980’s as a small group of friends who loved getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors in their own lifestyle.

Benefits of Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear

1. The designs are a game changer

Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear has many different designs. This includes the Ultra Gym T, the Merino Henley, and the Merino Tank. The designs make it easy for anyone to wear the clothing, no matter what activity they are doing.

2. The product is designed for support and performance

The design of Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear makes it possible for anyone to get a good workout in even when wearing their clothes. The products have compression built-in design to help keep muscles supported and comfortable while working out. The activewear is also water-repellant so that you can exercise in any weather conditions.

3. The company is environmentally conscious

Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear is the first activewear brand to be made from 100% certified organic cotton. The fabric is also fully-dye-sublimated, which means that it uses color in a way that leaves no harmful remnants. This gives the product a much more contemporary look and feel, but is also great for the environment.

4. The products are durable and long lasting

Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear products are built to last. The materials used to make the clothes are all made of high quality fabrics that will last for many years. The company also uses flat-lock seams so that it is possible for you to have maximum comfort when wearing the clothing. The products are created with a focus on the future, so that the clothes will not wear out for a long time.

5. The underwear is made of Merino wool, which helps to regulate body temperature

Outdoor Voice’s new sportswear has underwear and t-shirts made with Merino Wool. This wool has natural abilities to help regulate body temperature while playing sports. It is also light in weight and soft in feel, making it comfortable and hidden beneath other layers of clothes.